Monday, 8 February 2016

6 Reasons Why Hamden and Woodbridge Residents Need Tree Care

By pruning your trees, you can make them fruitful, attractive and healthy while keeping them safe and facilitating growth. Tree pruning can improve the overall look of your lawn, and it can even increase your home's value. Regular tree maintenance can make you the envy of your neighbors, and you can get that advantage by hiring a local tree care service.

Beautifying Your Yard

As we mentioned above, pruning can greatly affect a tree's appearance. By having dead limbs and rapidly-growing sections removed by experts in Hamden, you can give your trees a completely new look. Think of pruning as giving your trees a haircut, because it enhances their shape in a similar way. It can help you give your trees the aesthetic appeal you're after.

Helping Your Trees Grow

That beautiful, towering tree in your front yard can withstand Connecticut's harsh winters better if it's regularly pruned. When a pro uses the right tools and techniques, it strengthens the tree's roots—making it healthier and more durable overall. What's more, proper pruning can make new branches grow.

Increased Productivity in Fruit Trees

Any fruit-bearing tree can benefit from professional pruning. By taking away dead branches, the tree removal service can make trees healthier. Dead wood can make a fruit tree more vulnerable to pest infestation and disease. Moreover, pruning fruit trees can encourage spur growth; fruit will grow in these spots the next year.

Removing Hazardous Branches

This is the most important reason to hire a tree trimming professional in Woodbridge. Dead branches can easily come loose during a storm or on a windy day. Other dangers include branches that hang over your home, or those that are growing into nearby power lines. Cankers, cracks, decay and inadequate root growth are other good reasons for concern.

Treating Disease

Just like people, trees can get sick and contract diseases. Through periodic pruning, however, tree-borne diseases can be treated and kept from getting worse. Effective tree care can not only prevent disease, it can also treat it.

For a Better View

In professional tree care, there's a term called "vista pruning". It occurs when a tree is trimmed to enhance the view of a lake, mountain, valley or other natural wonder. By getting free estimates and hiring someone to remove intruding branches and trees, you can keep the great view you paid for.