Wednesday 17 July 2019

Proper Placement of Trees (Giving Them The Best Chance To Thrive)

Proper tree placement and planting are important for the health of your tree. The best time to plant a tree is in the spring or fall when rainfall is heavier and more regular, and temperatures are on the cooler side. This gives a chance for the roots to spread before a harsh winter or a grueling summer. Planting at the right time can make the difference in whether your tree will thrive or become weak and possibly even not survive.

Besides knowing when to plant a tree, it is also necessary to know where to plant a tree. It’s all about knowing the correct location, and here at Precision Cutting Services, we can help! Maintaining proper distance from surrounding objects is essential for allowing optimal growth. Keep trees about 10-20 feet from other trees, at least 10 feet away from buildings and 3 feet away from any sidewalks at a minimum.

Planting trees on the correct side of your home is also important. Plant a tree on the west or southwest side of your home. The placement of your tree is important to provide shade to your house from the sun which can help you save on energy bills!

When planting a tree, it’s also important to know where to plant around utilities. Make sure you get your utility lines marked, so you know where it is safe to dig. Always plant at least 3 feet from underground utilities and 10 feet from overhead wires.

Keeping the size of the tree in mind years from now, and how much it will grow, is always the best option. But sometimes, improper placement of trees may mean you need to dig them up and replant them. Trees too close to homes or utility lines will cause damage over the years, and it is important to then look into removing your tree with Bethany CT tree removal.

Following these steps will ensure that your tree lives a healthy life. Planting trees in the correct area will not only save you time in the long run but also money on energy bills. Going in with a researched plan on where to plant is a safe way to ensure a long life for your trees!

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