Monday 3 December 2018

Inspect Your East Haven and Milford Trees This Winter!

Servicing your trees in the Winter should be your number one priority. If you are in the New Haven County area, our East Haven tree service from Precision Cutting Services will help to maintain your lawn to keep it looking beautiful throughout every season. Having your trees inspected for dead or decaying trees is necessary, especially during the Winter.

There are many reasons to get rid of a tree, but some of the top reasons to get rid of a tree during the Winter are:

  • Heavy snow can weaken already damaged trees
  • Trees limbs easily snap during the snow
  • It is difficult to see visible damage with snow covered trees

If you wait to inspect your trees until it is too late, tree removal in the Winter can be complicated. If there is a heavy snowstorm, it may take a while to get the equipment to your property. This can lead to delays and it can also be dangerous if the fallen tree is close to your building.

With preventative maintenance, your trees will be inspected by Precision Cutting Services to ensure that all trees are healthy. If there is a leaning or decaying tree, it will be taken care of before it falls and causes property damage. With commercial landscaping Milford CT, your property will be taken care of before tree damage costs you a fortune!

So if your trees have not yet been inspected this Winter, it is wise to have a professional tree service look at them. They will be able to look at everything from the branches to the tree bark to ensure the tree will hold up throughout the harsh Winter months. Contact Precision Cutting Services today to protect your property from a disaster!

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