Monday, 8 August 2016

Summer Events for Adults in Durham CT

There are many exciting events this summer for adults in the Durham, CT area to enjoy. Some of these events include live music by Flogging Molly at the Oakdale Theatre on August 18th at 7PM. Free summer music featuring the Patrones is being held at PowderRidge Mountain on August 20th at 7PM. Since this is an outdoor event, weather is always a big concern during the summer. It is important for an outdoor area to inspect the health of their trees from a licensed tree inspector, like Durham tree removal service. We will ensure safety of your outdoor events, so you can enjoy our summer worry-free!

For other featured events for the Artsy adults, a beginning watercolor class is being held at the New Britain Museum of American Art (on August 8th). Another class offered for creative adults is a portrait class held on August 16th at 10 AM with Celina Marquis. These classes allow students to use different mediums from oil paint to watercolor paint. Another fun class being offered by New Britain Museum of Art on August 18th at 5:30 PM is called the Modernism Mule. This is a pop-up bar, with a free entry, where you make your own drinks! It's 5 dollars for each drink, and the drink list includes: wine, cold beer and craft cocktails. There are many summer events for adults to choose from in the Durham area during the summer, that will suit all different tastes!

Summer Events for the Family in Durham CT

Durham is a town in Middlesex County, CT. Some of the upcoming events in Durham this summer include fun events for the whole family. We have a variety of fun-filled options to fulfill all different interests. On August 12th, we have Playdates with Art at the New Britain Museum of American art. In this event, parents will learn how to educate their babies with art. For August 13th – calling all car lovers! We have free music and a car show at Powder Ridge Mountain.The host of PBS kids, Steve Songs, will be joining us at Lyman Orchards at 2PM for a day of music at the Apple Barrel tent. Enjoy fresh apples with your kids while dancing and singing with educational music. On August 19th at 9 PM we have Club Flight at the Flight Trampoline Park. This is ages 15 and up includes a fun night where the lights are turned off for the lasers to come on!
Some of the outdoor events featured this summer, although fun, may pose a danger. Since summer storms pose a threat to trees and tree limbs, it is wise to inspect the areas for dead trees or hanging limbs. You can count on Tree Removal Durham, to inspect your property, to make sure your event this summer is not only safe but a time for the family to remember!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Caring for Trees

Each tree needs 25 gallons of water each week or 1.5 inches of rain
You can prevent water runoff:
  • Including a 25 gallon slow-release watering bag to your maintenance routine. Fill it up once per week.
  • Put a bucket at the bottom of your tree that is can hold 5 gallons of water. Make sure the bucket has holes and fill 5 times per week.
  • Power on a house for a half an hour and place at the bottom of the tree. Turn the water on low to not overflow the tree.
Keep Lawn Equipment Away From Trees
  • Line a trunk guard at the bottom of the tree to keep the water and nutrients inside. This will protect animals and rodents from getting in as well.
  • Tools – Make sure to use clean, sanitized tools. Make sure that they are not dull before use.
  • It’s better to get rid of damaged or diseased trees at the soonest time possible. Do not wait too long
  • Pruning should be done from December to mid-March, because it’s best during dormant season. You can better see the trees structure when the leaves have fallen
  • Trees that flower in the Spring should be pruned after flowering. Other trees that flower, to prevent spread of plant disease, should be pruned in dormant season
  • Nutrient deficiencies will affect the quality of the soil, so be sure to purchase top quality soil. Soil that is rich in organic matter is the best because it is free of toxins and pesticides that may slow plant growth.
  • Soil quality will affect your landscape. Healthy soil will filter through any pollution to your plans, and give nutrients to your trees
  • Health soil will appear to be darker in color since it is dense with organic matter
  • It should contain: plant and animal activity, worms, and fungi.

In case your tree still fails after all of these tips for the upcoming summer season, let us know so we can help! We will carefully inspect your tree and if needed, we can remove it. We have specially trained staff who have 5 or more years of experience with handling trees. For tree removal in Hamden CT, contact us at  (203) 466-2400 to receive a free quote!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Tips for Tree Trimming Safety

Tree trimming can require very advanced equipment and high climbing. Aerial lifts may be required to reach high branches, along with power tools like trimmers and chainsaws. If you are not trained to do this correctly, you can be at risk for electrocution or falls. It is important if you are not an experienced tree climber to contact someone who is qualified in Tree Removal in Durham CT.

  1. Protective Gear - Always wear gloves when trimming trees and branches. Wear leather lineman’s gloves, which are the protection from this type of job. Wear special glasses to protect your eyes from dust, insects, wood particles, etc. Use ear protection from the loud power tools - earplugs would be a good option. Be mindful of fall protection, and don’t forget to wear slip-free shoes.
  2. Carefully Assess Before Performing the Job - Since every tree job in different, it is important to assess any dangers. Check local weather conditions, sharpen tools, put fall protection into place, inspect equipment, secure your ladder, and perform any other safety methods before starting the job.
  3. Mark Off the Area you Are Working On - Use bright caution tape or cones around the tree you are working on. If your work goes into the road, then wear bright clothing so cars passing by can see you.
  4. Working with a Partner -  It’s important for safety reasons to have someone inspect out any safety issues around the area you are working on. If you are climbing a ladder, someone should be on the ground to stabilize the ladder for you.
  5. No Conductive Tools Near Powerlines - Don't’ use any tools or equipment that can conduct electricity and start a fire. Ladders, pole trimmers, and various other tools will conduct electricity, so be sure to research the correct tools to use. Any power lines that are down still have electricity, which can still be deadly if you get too close.
  6. Keep Distance From Power Lines - Do not get very close to power lines. Do not get to close unless you have to, and do not turn off power to the lines unless you are trained. Always contact the utility company if your job requires you to get close to any power lines.
  7. Check That Your Tree Is Stable Before You Climb - If your trees have cracks or weakness in them, then it is not safe to climb. A tree lift would be necessary when the tree is too weak.  Do not use weak or dead branches for supporting your weight. When climbing, have someone stay on the ground for safety, and use separate tree limbs for your hands and feet when climbing.

Monday, 13 June 2016

When a Tree Should be Removed

Do not hesitate when you see something strange going on with your tree. There are many reasons trees may need to be removed from your property from old age to disease. Trees that are too old become a risk to you and your family’s safety. In this case, the best option is to have your tree removed rather than endanger your household.

Some of the signs to look for to call in someone to evaluate your trees are:

Examining For Any Leaning  Trees

Some trees lean naturally, but if this happens to be new with your tree, than your tree can be very unstable. Any tree that is leaning is usually means that it is in danger of dying or is already dead. Contacting us or Tree removal in Hamden CT may be your best option!

Inspect the Tree Trunk

Any cracks or cavities in the trunk can destabilize the structure. Trees should be examined to see if they are structurally sound; this does not necessarily mean they have to be removed. A cavity may be small enough for the tree to handle, or it may be too large for the tree to hold up on its own.

Inspect the Roots

You can get a lot of information on the health of your tree by inspecting its roots. When the roots are damaged or decaying, the tree will not have a good structure to stand on. This means that your tree may have lost its structural support, and can potentially fall. If the base of the tree has space between the tree and the ground, that is also a sign that your tree’s structure is compromised. This can cause tree lean and cause tree damage.

Have a Canopy Inspection Done

A canopy inspection needs to be done by a professional. This will find the hidden and most dangerous branches on the tree. There may be little to no signs that a branch is broken or dead until after the break. Any branch that has bark missing or dead leaves usually means the branch is not being held up by the tree. These are the branches that need to be removed immediately for safety reasons.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

How to Prep Your Trees for Summer Storms

Inspect Your Yard

Summer is an important time to keep up with the health and wellness of your trees. One of the first things to do is inspect your landscape for any signs of disease or issues with insects. A visual test is the most basic test. By looking at your tree, does anything strange pop out at you like growing fungus, open wounds or soft spots? Large cracks in wood will make the tree unstable in high winds. Any of these conditions can make a tree more likely to fall and damage your property.


Pruning your trees is important for the growth and maintenance of your trees. Some of the healthiest trees come from just keeping up with pruning. By pruning diseased, dead or unsafe branches, you can help maintain the structure of your tree with healthy growth over the years.

Removing or Stabilizing Weak Limbs

You can cable or brace weak limbs that you are unable to remove. Ultimately you will want to remove weak limbs so they do not damage anything surrounding the tree. Cabling will make the tree branches stronger, and prevent from limbs suffering further weakening and damaging and ultimately fall. If your tree falls, you should contact us for tree removal in Wallingford CT.


The root of the tree is also important to protect since it holds up the structure of the tree. Having a circle of mulch surrounding the base of the tree will help to prevent lawn mowing equipment from getting too close to the tree. The equipment can hit the roots and cause major damage to the tree. By keeping space for mulch, this will allow for the flow of nutrients and water to drain through the soil.

Proper Placement of Trees in the Summer

Proper tree placement is important for the health of your tree. The best time to plant a tree is in the spring and fall, when the rainfall is more prominent and temperatures are much cooler. This gives a chance for the roots to spread before a harsh winter or a grueling summer. Planting at the right time determines whether your tree will thrive or will become weak.

Besides knowing when to plant a tree, it is also necessary to know where to plant a tree. It’s all about knowing the correct location, and here at Precision Cutting Services we can help! Maintaining proper space from surrounding objects is essential to allow for optimal growth. Keep trees about 10-20 feet from other trees, 10 feet away from buildings and 3 feet away from any sidewalks.

Planting trees on the correct side of your home is also important. Plant a tree on the West or Southwest side of your home. The placement of your tree is important to provide shade to your house from the size and save on energy bills!

When planting a tree, it’s also important to know where to plant around utilities. Make sure you get your utility lines marked, so you know where to dig. You can plant 3 feet from underground utilities and 10 feet from overhead wires.

Keeping the trees size in mind years from now, and how much it will grow, is always the safest option. But sometimes, improper placement of trees may mean you need to dig them up and replant them. Trees too close to homes or utility lines will cause damage over the years, and it is important to then look into removing your tree with tree removal in Durham CT.

Following these steps will ensure that your tree lives a healthy life. Planting trees in the correct area will not only save you time in the long run, but also money on energy bills. Going in with a researched plan on where to plant is always a safe way to ensure a long life for your tree!
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