Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Parks of West Haven

The parks of West Haven have a long history, being planned in all the way back in the middle of the 1700s. As part of an ambitious urban planning initiative, elm trees were planted in parks around the city, and eventually, the trees found their way into residential areas as well. In fact, the Elm became an enduring symbol of the city of New Haven.

Unfortunately, due to a tree blight that spread around the country in the 1930s, the elm came near the brink of extinction in this town. Luckily, many trees around the city were able to be saved, and a number of areas that lost their original elms were replanted with a new variety that is bred to resist Elm diseases. However, many trees around the city don't have this immunity, and could still become exposed to the disease.

If you're noticing signs of disease in the trees on your property, it's time to get an a free estimate from a tree removal Orange CT company. Not only are diseased trees dangerous for your property and loved ones, due to an increased tendency to fall or collapse, they are also detrimental to the value of your residential or commercial property in general. After all, what discerning buyer would be thrilled to see a property littered with diseased trees?

One side effect of a diseased or dying tree is a weakened structure that can lead heavy branches to fall at any time. Branches can fall on top of house roofs, car roofs, car windshields, and even people. Falling branches aren't the only hazard - if the disease has spread far enough, entire trees can split in half and fall at any time. Living on a property full of damaged, diseased trees is akin to waiting for a time-bomb to explode.

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Precision Cutting Services can send our estimate team to your property, in order to take stock of the job, ease of access, condition of the tree and so on. Then, we can simply leave an estimate slip in your mailbox, or on your front door. When you're ready to place an order, just contact us and we will set up an appointment date that is convenient for your needs.

Don't allow old, damaged, or diseased trees to linger on your property any longer than necessary - call Precision Cutting Services today!

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