Sunday, 24 August 2014

Tree removal cost resources

We came across this page online and thought it was an interesting resource but failed to fully discuss elements that come into play in how we provide our free estimates for tree removal.

This is a great resource to provide ranges for tree services, but you'll definitely need an estimate given in person. Layout of powerlines, property lines, municipal and residential property, these all must play into the price that a professional will provide you.

That is also why you should always make sure you work with a licensed and insured tree company! Saving $600 on the job pales in comparison to the headaches and costs of injuries, property damage or issues related to your municipality. Get a quote from a local company, you won't regret it!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Parks of West Haven

The parks of West Haven have a long history, being planned in all the way back in the middle of the 1700s. As part of an ambitious urban planning initiative, elm trees were planted in parks around the city, and eventually, the trees found their way into residential areas as well. In fact, the Elm became an enduring symbol of the city of New Haven.

Unfortunately, due to a tree blight that spread around the country in the 1930s, the elm came near the brink of extinction in this town. Luckily, many trees around the city were able to be saved, and a number of areas that lost their original elms were replanted with a new variety that is bred to resist Elm diseases. However, many trees around the city don't have this immunity, and could still become exposed to the disease.

If you're noticing signs of disease in the trees on your property, it's time to get an a free estimate from a tree removal Orange CT company. Not only are diseased trees dangerous for your property and loved ones, due to an increased tendency to fall or collapse, they are also detrimental to the value of your residential or commercial property in general. After all, what discerning buyer would be thrilled to see a property littered with diseased trees?

One side effect of a diseased or dying tree is a weakened structure that can lead heavy branches to fall at any time. Branches can fall on top of house roofs, car roofs, car windshields, and even people. Falling branches aren't the only hazard - if the disease has spread far enough, entire trees can split in half and fall at any time. Living on a property full of damaged, diseased trees is akin to waiting for a time-bomb to explode.

The great thing about calling Precision Cutting Services for Orange CT tree removal is that the removal estimate won't cost you a dime. We won't charge you any money unless you order service. Even better, you don't even need to be at home during the estimate visit.

Precision Cutting Services can send our estimate team to your property, in order to take stock of the job, ease of access, condition of the tree and so on. Then, we can simply leave an estimate slip in your mailbox, or on your front door. When you're ready to place an order, just contact us and we will set up an appointment date that is convenient for your needs.

Don't allow old, damaged, or diseased trees to linger on your property any longer than necessary - call Precision Cutting Services today!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Tree That Defined An American City: New Haven's Elms

New Haven's elm trees are a hallmark of the city, introduced to the city all the way back in 1686. The first elms planted along New Haven's streets arrived as a gift from a parishioner of the Reverend James Pierpont's First Church, which is still extant and is now known as the Center Church on the New Haven Green. They were gifted to commemorate the erection of his new home, located at the intersection of Elm and Temple Streets.

In 1784, urban planner James Hillhouse used his own funds to begin an ambitious tree planting program throughout the city. It was the first of its kind in America, at the time. This is how the city at large became identified with the elm tree.

So many elms were planted around the city at that time, that the city of New Haven became known as "The Elm City". The tree that became a beacon of pride for the city is known to reach up to 100 feet in height. The trees are shaped like an "arched vase", lending to an outline that has been described as “cathedral-like”.

The trees were able to thrive and grow throughout the city unimpeded until the early 20th century. During the 1930s, Dutch Elm disease caused a devastating blight throughout major urban areas of the U.S. The disease killed off many elm trees around the country, and the elms of New Haven weren't spared. The city stood to lose its favorite tree for good, but through extensive efforts, new varieties of elm were bred to resist Dutch Elm disease. The new strain of disease-resistant elms were planted around the city's parks and public spaces. Unfortunately, the disease is still a threat for trees located on private, residential properties which includes North Haven.

If you're a residential property owner who has noticed that your trees might be diseased, it's in your best interest to contact an tree removal service based in Connecticut that will send professionals to your property and inspect the trees. Diseased trees are a public hazard, and they can become a major safety risk for everyone living on your property.

While tree disease can't spread to humans, it does affect us in other ways, by causing trees to become extremely brittle. An affected tree will begin to die and decompose, making it likely for heavy branches to randomly fall to the ground. Even worse, if the disease goes deep enough into the tree, the whole main trunk can split in half at any time. When a tree is left to degrade and fall according to its own devices, it can become a lethal weapon.

In order to avoid damage to your property or risk to your life and limb, call a tree removal Orange CT service for an inspection and a free estimate today!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Orange, CT – A Haven For Lovers Of Greenery

The Orange, CT area is an area rich in greenery, from the enduring Elm trees that defines the region, to the lush lawns of home and business land owners in the area. It's no wonder then that the average residential and commercial property owner wants to invest funds into landscaping projects of all sorts.

If you're ready to plan, or re-plan your property's landscaping scheme, you can call an Orange CT tree removal service that also provides property owners expert landscaping services. Not only can the tree removal Orange CT help you by plotting out specific flower and fauna arrangements, the service can help you remove trees on your property that are no longer necessary for your landscaping scheme, or may present a falling hazard that may damage property or cause injury.

There is a couple of reasons why you'd need to call a tree-cutting company in order to help you with a specified landscaping project. First, you might see fit to remove a tree that is blocking land that you'd like to use to plant upon.

Or, you might decide to use the land for a landscaping construction project. Sometimes, it's best to remove a tree that provides too much shade for an area that needs plenty of sunlight. And sometimes, certain types of plants won't thrive in land that is nourishing a nearby tree.

If you're thinking of beginning a landscaping project, here are some things to keep in mind. First, have professional landscapers come to your property, in order to view and test your soil. They'll need to let you know if the scheme you have in mind is feasible for your property. 

Next, get an estimate for the landscaping project you have in mind. Ask if the landscapers charge for their labor, or if the price includes planning, and plotting. If you're considering landscaping construction projects, such as bridges, stairs, decks, wells, etc., you'll need to find out if you're required to pick up a permit from the city. If so, find out if you're responsible for the permits, or if the landscapers take care of this task on your behalf.

Not only can Precision Cutting Services perform residential landscaping, they can also perform commercial landscaping, as well as multi-family residential property landscaping and upkeep. Precision Cutting can manage a landscaping project of any scale, and they'll work at making you a completely satisfied customer.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

North Haven – Half Town, Half State Park

North Haven is renowned for its greenery, and that is saying something in Connecticut. Even in the heavily wooded greater New Haven area, North Haven has a prevalence of trees, both on public lands and private properties. In fact, the area is so green and rich with trees, North Haven is sometimes referred to as "Half town, half state park".

As a resident of North Haven, your property is probably filled with all sorts of plant life, including trees of varying ages and conditions. And given some conditions, the beauty that the trees on your property provide can turn into something of a headache. For example, with winter approaching, do you know whether or not the trees on your property are strong enough to withstand the weight of snow and blistering winds?

Everyone knows that diseased trees are a hazard, but sometimes the hazard stays hidden. You might not be able to tell with your naked eye that your trees are brittle or diseased. Sometimes, an otherwise healthy tree simply falls from old age. No matter what the reason is, a responsible property owner needs to have the trees on their property monitored and diagnosed,  in order to understand what possible dangers could be lurking on the property. After all, a diseased, brittle, or damaged tree on your property is an accident waiting to happen.

When you schedule an appointment with an
Orange CT tree removal service, you can ask our workers to diagnose the health of the trees on your property. If we find any trees that present a possible hazard, you can arrange to have them cut down and removed, safely.

Tree removal is a much more elaborate and controlled task than many people realize. Trees must be cut down in a way that allows the tree to fall in a safe location and in a safe manner. Reckless tree chopping by amateurs can lead to a host of calamities, such as damaged power lines, damage to surrounding trees, property damage, vehicle damage and in some grave cases, even loss of life!

tree removal Orange CT service can assist you by removing problematic trees before they become a real danger, especially before impending storms. We also provide related services, such as landscaping and stump removal. Not only does Precision Cutting Services work on residential properties, but services can also be rendered for commercial properties. 

Storms and hurricanes can't be prevented, but you can minimize the potential for damage by getting rid of tree branches or whole trees on your property that might become a problem, before it happens. 

Milford – A Historic, tree rich township

Milford, CT is known as a historic, tree rich township and, if you're a property owner in this town, part of the appeal is undoubtedly the prevalence of trees, parks and wooded areas throughout the town and its outskirts. However, there can be too much of a good thing, and there are times when it's appropriate to get rid of trees on your property. Sometimes, you might want to remove a healthy tree that you'd simply rather not have on your property. At other times, a tree needs to be removed because it constitutes a potential hazard.

One of the reasons why you'll need to remove a tree is due to disease. Once disease takes over a tree, it is only a matter of time before the tree dries out and causes grave danger from heavy, falling branches. It's also common for the entire trunk of a diseased tree to spontaneously split in half.

Bad weather only makes the hazard worse - trees, especially ones weakened by disease, frequently fall after a strong storm. While hurricanes aren't a common problem in Connecticut, our state has seen its share of them, and even a strong nor'easter blowing through the area can uproot a tree or knock down some weak branches.

When it comes to preventing tree damage, as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Fortunately, if you have trees on your property that you want assessed for potential hazard, you can easily contact an Orange CT tree removal service to help you remove damaged and uprooted trees off of your property.

After the tree is gone, you'll still need to deal with the stump, which leaves you two choices. You can have the stump removed by the root if it's feasible, or you can have the stump ground down into mulch and chips, until none of it protrudes above ground.

If the tree has been uprooted due to storms and fell in one piece, the whole root system may still remain attached to it and become exposed, with the trunk acting as a lever. If this takes place, then removing the entire stump will be an easy task. On the other hand, if the stump is rooted firmly in the ground, the contractors will need to test the depth of the roots.

Since trees can live for hundreds of years, the roots might be too thick, deep, and entangled to lift and remove. Therefore, it might be best to leave the stump in the ground. However, the stump can be chopped up to six inches above the ground, making it as level to the ground as possible. After it's covered with dirt, you may strain to remember there was ever a tree standing there.

For all your tree assessment and removal needs, call Precision Cutting Services and get a free estimate today!