Thursday, 31 March 2016

Being Mindful of Heavy Tree limbs and Debris

Winter in New England is certainly a site to behold. From sledding to taking the kids outside to building a snowman, it's safe to say that the folks in Connecticut enjoy a winter with a few good snowstorms. However, the type of snow can vary, depending on the time of year. An early or late snow may melt almost as soon as it hits the ground, but a true blizzard with strong winds can do an equal amount of damage to property as a strong summer thunderstorm.

Several years ago, residents had begun to worry about heavy, old tree limbs on Baldwin Road and Fox Hill Road in Woodbridge, CT. Heavy snow can accumulate on these branches, causing them to fall on property, cars, or even residents. These problems have since been removed, but if you have an old tree in your yard that you have concerns about, it's best to get it checked out.

Precision Cutting Services can provide tree removal in Woodbridge, CT, giving homeowners a free estimate any time of year, to let you know if dangerous branches should be removed, or if the entire tree must go. As beautiful and vital as trees are to nature, heavy wind, snow, rain, and lightning can cause an entire tree or its dead branches to fall. The best time to get a tree evaluated is in the early fall or spring, as the tree's "growing season" is during the summer. However, we are happy to provide a free estimate all year round.

We are experts in the field of tree removal, including complete removal of the tree, or just harmful branches. For those who have an unsightly stump in their yard, we also provide stump grinding and excavation. Be safe no matter what season it is, by having old, dead trees in your yard taken care of. Call Precision Cutting Services today at (203)466-2400 to speak with a member of our professional staff.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Exploring Nature in Wallingford CT

Warmer weather often equates to getting back to nature. After being cooped up indoors for the majority of a New England winter, residents simply can't wait to get outside and enjoy hiking, fishing, and swimming and sunbathing when the weather gets really warm.

Scenic Connecticut has an innumerable amount of trails through its borders, and the Greater New Haven area is no exception. While every park or area is different, residents enjoy barbecuing, camping, fishing, kayaking, and swimming in many of the local parks.

Residents in Wallingford can enjoy the over 200 acres of hiking and trails provided by the Wallingford Land Trust. Nestled in sometimes suburban and retail areas, you may never know they were there unless you looked on a map. For example, Spruce Glen is nestled in a 2-mile long trail next to Barnes Industrial Park, but this 2-mile hike allows you to see beautiful trees, birds, and even a small waterfall.

Another Wallingford Land Trust property is West Dayton Hill, which leads directly into the Dayton Hill Woods. This 7-mile mike has two trailheads; one on Fox Run Drive in Wallingford, and one on Country Way.

Wallingford residents may also enjoy nature right in their own backyard, with lush trees and open spaces. Backyard fun in the summer can include a dip in the kiddie pool, a nap in the hammock, or simply enjoying the shade reading a good book. However, old trees can decay and begin to rot, rendering them a safety concern. Summer can also bring thunderstorms with high winds and strong lightning, with the ability to knock dead trees and branches to the ground, destroying everything in their wake.

Call Precision Cutting Services for any and all needs for tree removal in Wallingford, CT. We are more than happy to provide you with a free estimate, and can advise you if trees need to be removed from your property for safety concerns. In addition to tree removal, we also provide branch removal and stump excavation. Safety is our first concern, and we want all local residents to be safe all year long. For more information, please give Precision Cutting Services a call at (203)466-2400 to speak with a member of our professional staff.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

How to take Care of Trees After Storms

As soon as warmer weather hits, one of the first things residents in New England love to do is get outdoors. Perfect hiking weather happens in spring, early summer, and fall. Hiking is especially enjoyable in early fall, right as the leaves begin to change color.

The Greater New Haven area has an innumerable amount of good hiking spots and trails – from the peaks of Sleeping Giant State Park, to the rocky coastline and beach facilities at Hammonasset State Park, Connecticut has it all. In every town, there is bound to be some trails where residents can hike, bird watch, or simply stroll and enjoy nature.

The town of Orange, CT, is not much known for its hiking – but unknown to many, boasts 210 acres of hiking in the Racebrook Tract. This tract provides many different habitats for hikers to go through, and is terrific for capturing wildlife at its best. On this hike, you will see habitats change from streambelts to wetlands, to brush to meadow. Using these trails, you can hike the entire way to Woodbridge, or to the outer boundaries of the Maltby Lakes. Completely open to the public, this area is also a designated cross-country skiing spot in winter. Residents can access the trails via Racebrook Road in Orange, just north of Route 34.

Many Orange residents may also enjoy nature and bird watching in their own backyard, thanks to lush trees. However, over time, some trees begin to decay and eventually become a safety concern. While summertime equals fun in New England, it also brings thunderstorms, which can uproot a decaying tree, putting property and life in danger.

Call Precision Cutting Services today for a free estimate. We are experts in all aspects of tree removal in Orange, CT, including cutting branches and complete stump excavation. We can evaluate your trees for damage and let you know if any need to be removed. Safety is our first concern, and we want everyone to stay safe this summer and all year long. Fill out the form on our website for more information, or simply give us a call at (203)466-2400 to speak with a member of our professional staff.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Servicing Damaged / Decaying Trees

Situated along Connecticut's beautiful shoreline, the town of Milford, CT provides a lot of recreation in the summer to its residents. From Silver Sands beach to private beaches along its shoreline, locals enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and volleyball on the beach.

Milford's proximity to the shoreline, however, can be problematic when big storms occur. Many homes still sit abandoned in disrepair after the wake of Superstorm Sandy in 2012. When small thunderstorms do crop up, most residents are prepared. Living right on the shoreline, you simply have to be.

One thing homeowners should keep in mind this summer are potentially dangerous trees that may be on their property. Several damaging storms in June 2015 ripped through Connecticut, leaving a lot of destruction in their wake. Downed power lines and fallen trees caused over 50,000 residents to lose power, while news reports had us seeing reports of downed trees on cars and in the roads, in Milford, and in other places in Connecticut.

Precision Cutting Services provides you with a free estimate for our tree removal services, and we are happy to come out and evaluate your trees, should you believe they are damaged or decaying. It does not take much to down a decaying tree, and this is an important safety concern. Old, dead trees can easily fall on houses, cars, and can even be a danger to people and pets. It is best to get them removed as soon as possible so you can breathe easy if a storm rolls in.

In addition to complete tree removal, Precision Cutting Services also provides branch removal, and stump excavation and grinding, if you have already had trees removed. Fill out the Web form on our site for more information, or give us a call today at (203)466-2400 to speak with a member of our staff.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Servicing Diseased Trees

Summertime in New England equals fun. From outdoor barbecues and pool parties, to lazy days on the beach, New England has it all. Connecticut especially has a wealth of state parks for residents to enjoy all summer long. One of the most popular state park destinations in the state is Sleeping Giant State Park, nestled right next to the campus of Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT.

On the banks of the Mill River, this unique park is actually a small mountain that, from a distance, appears to be a giant sleeping on its side. This 739-foot slope provides excellent hiking for everyone, from novice to beginner. A scenic tower at the end of the hike is the primary goal – providing excellent panoramic views of nearby Long Island Sound. There are also tougher trails within the park, for more experienced hikers, so you may often hear locals mentioning hiking the giant's "head," or "leg." Beautiful trees and hikes along the Mill River also exist on trails through the park, and one could literally spend days hiking all of the trails.

Many Hamden residents also enjoy beautiful trees and foliage in their own backyard. A wooded property is excellent for bird watching, shade in the summer, and relaxing on a cool spring morning. However, when trees begin to die, it is best to have them removed for your own personal safety. A quick, summer thunderstorm can easily knock dead or dying trees over, leaving damage in their wake.

Precision Cutting Services provides any and all types of tree removal in Hamden, CT. Call us today for a free estimate, if you have fears of dead or damaged trees in your yard. In addition to complete tree removal, we can also remove unwanted branches, or excavate stumps from trees that have already been cut. Experts in the business for years, safety is out first concern. Please give us a call at (203)466-2460 to speak with a member of our friendly and professional staff.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Emergency Tree Removal Services

When spring first hits and flowers begin to bloom, everyone knows that summer is soon on its way. In New England and Connecticut especially, that means lazy days at the beach, barbecues, and basic good times all summer long. Hiking is enjoyable in the spring and summer, where local residents can take in nature by watching wildlife, taking in the lush, green trees, and bird watching.

Summer fun also brings with it thunderstorms. While these storms can be beautiful at times, they can also leave a lot of damage in their wake. Many homeowners enjoy the recreation that trees bring having them in their backyard, but sometimes old and decaying trees can become a safety concern, especially during thunderstorms or periods of heavy snow.

A large band of powerful thunderstorms rolled through Connecticut in June 2015, knocking down power lines and uprooting trees in their wake. The town of Durham, CT was one of the hardest hit, with several trees falling on houses and leaving over 20,000 without power for well over 24 hours.

When trees become a safety concern, it is time to have them looked at and potentially removed. Old and decaying trees can fall on houses, cars, and even people and animals, causing injury and destruction. Here at Precision Cutting Services, we can provide you with any and all tree removal services in Durham, CT. We are more than happy to provide you with a free estimate and consultation for potentially decaying trees in your yard.

Safety is our first priority, and we are experts in the field of all types of tree removal, including branch removal, and stump grinding and excavating. In case of an emergency, we can also provide emergency tree removal, should a tree fall completely or partially. Simply give us a call and we are on the way!

For more information, please fill out the form on our website, or call us at (203)466-2400 to speak with a professional member of our staff.