Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Surviving the Winter in Derby CT

The town of Derby is an old, historic town located in New Haven County, CT. Many old factories, such as the Derby Silver Company, made Derby what it is today. It was a big manufacturing town, and gave the town much of its history. Since it is known as the “valley” area, it is a very wooded area. It is a small town with 5 square miles of land, boasting with a large wooded area.

Unfortunately, being in a heavily wooded area often poses danger in the winter. Trees in the valley are liable to become weakened by strong winds or heavy snow. Since Derby has many hills, transportation will be more difficult during winter. If trees fall on hills, more destruction can be done than a town with a flat landscape.

Winter can damage trees in many ways, and some of the signs to look for are: frost cracks in the tree, falling branches, bark discoloration, bark peeling off, etc. These are some of the signs that trees are weak and their health needs to be double checked. If these problems persist for too long, than the tree can potentially fall over and cause some serious hazards.

Luckily, Precision Cutting Services is here for all of you tree removal needs. With over 20 years of tree service experience, we bring knowledge in design, installation, landscaping and tree service. We do many tree services from stump grinding to complete tree removal to ensure that your town has a safe winter this year. Contact today and we will gladly service your trees safely and provide you with peace of mind!

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Upcoming Winter Events in Monroe CT

An upcoming event near Monroe CT for this holiday season will be the 13th annual Save the Children Star Shine Plunge. For this event, a Polar Plunge will take place at Jennings beach on January 1st at 9:30 AM, 880 south Benson Road in Fairfield. Money will be raised for Save the children. Celebrate this fun, annual winter event for a good cause!

Since outdoor activities are always a concern in the winter, we advice people to look out for signs of tree damage to prevent a hazardous condition. Many trees become weak from the frigid cold weather, and could develop frost cracks. If you find frost cracks or areas of a tree with missing bark, then it may be time to analyze your trees.

Heavy winds and snow can threaten outdoor events since winds can loosen branches, and heavy snow can make trees fall.  Severe winter weather can damage trees in a few ways. Trees can become discolored, roots can become damaged, branches can bend and break, and salt can also damage the tree.

So if you think that you have trees in danger of falling this winter, contact Precision Cutting Services today. We are the tree specialists, and can safely and quickly remove any hazardous tree. For emergency tree removal services, we are available 24 hours. From stump grind and limb cutting to removing fallen trees - we are there for all of your tree needs.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Winter Weather Warnings for Shelton CT

A cold weather advisory was issued for the town of Shelton CT by Governor Dannel P. Malloy and the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection for severe cold and winds. Bitter cold temperatures with single digits was forecast from December 15-17, and may continue throughout the month of December and into January.

Those in need of shelter should are advised to seek shelter during these winter months during this weather emergency. Conditions this winter are severe and are predicted to worsen. Severe winds and heavy snow can cause trees to weaken and fall. People should stay in houses during times of high winds, which can cause tree branches to loosen and fall down. The weight of heavy snow on trees can definitely cause trees to fall over, posing a danger to citizens passing by.

If you see a tree that looks like it is dying from the harsh winter weather conditions, do not hesitate to contact Precision Cutting Services. Trees can easily freeze during cold temperatures, and rot on the inside. These trees can easily fall on houses and cause further damage to property. Trees that have cracks, missing bark or a leaning trunk should be looked at by a professional.

From minor tree branch cutting to emergency tree removal, Precision Cutting Services is always there. For emergency tree removal services, we are available 24 hours. Free quotes are provided with all services, which are done by tree experts with at least 5 years of experience. So if you want your trees safely and precisely removed - with individually customized projects - then look no further!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

How Winter Affects Transportation in Seymour CT

Seymour, CT has a vast amount of history, with the Seymour train station contributing to a big part of it. The train station provides many people transportation to and from work,and is a commuter rail service which goes to Bridgeport, Stamford and the Grand Central Terminal. Being that it is such an important aspect to Seymour’s community, a major storm might affect transportation routes.

Safety to the town of Seymour is important. As fall has come to an end and winter has just begun, dangerous conditions are on their way. Winter affects trees in different ways from salt damage to frost cracks. Temperatures falling below freezing promote tree injury and even death. Trees are very sensitive to extreme weather, so take notice in drastic changes with the condition of trees.

In the event of a serious storm such as a blizzard, transportation in and out of the city may come to a halt. Due to heavy winds from a snow storm, trees and branches may fall down blocking roads and covering train tracks. Heavy snow and cold weather can also weaken trees and cause the tree to die or even completely fall down.

Luckily, with Precision Cutting Services close by, citizens of Seymour do not have to worry about being out of major transportation access for too long. We are experienced in emergency tree removal, and provide 24 hour emergency service. Secure your town today, and even receive a free tree removal estimate on us!