Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Summer Ending and Signs of Fall Beginning

With Summer ending and fall on it’s way, what’s a better way to celebrate autumn than taking in the beautiful foliage? From deep reds to bright oranges, fall is one of the seasons where leaves boast of diverse colors. Every year during this time, people travel from different parts of the world to see the beautiful New England foliage; some of the prettiest autumn scenery in New England.

With that said, however, autumn is also the time that trees become weak. As leaves fall during the cold season, the frigid weather can make trees weaker. Trees are also prone to more diseases during this time, and can potentially rot. Take preventative measures to safely remove trees before they fall during winter months.

Fall leave colors can tell a lot about the health of a tree. Identifying a sick tree can be determined by looking at the colors. Leaves that are irregular in shape or a yellow color (unless naturally yellow) can mean your tree is diseased. With the hot, dry summers, trees need to recover. In the fall, trees need to be replenished with water. Trees that do not get enough water can have insects or diseases. This can cause the color changing quickly within the leaves. Trees that display signs of fall early are trees to carefully observed, as they may be diseased and need to be taken down.

As trees begin to freeze, it is possible to have dead branches fall. Cutting down these branches will ensure you enjoy a safer autumn and winter. For tree cutting services, Precision Cutting Services offers from single branch cutting to emergency tree removal services. So have a reliable tree cutting service company on hand to enjoy to upcoming fall months with peace of mind.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Preparing for Tropical Storms that May Reach Connecticut

For the East Coast, September is still the season for incoming Tropical Storms. As a state near the beach, it is impeccable that we must take precautions. Tropical storm Hermine hit the East Coast the first week in September, luckily just leaving us with heavy winds, rain and minor flooding. Fortunately, Tropical storm Hermine was able to shift its most damaging winds offshore - which would have caused severe flooding if it hit.

Since Hurricane Sandy hit CT in 2012, residents in CT especially along the shore are prepared for the worst again. Severe destruction happened that day, with homes near the coast completely destroyed and submerged by water. Emergency evacuations were called beforehand, as the water level rose to 13.88 feet above average low tide.

As Hurricane Sandy began as a minor tropical wave, it quickly changed from a tropical depression to a tropical storm. As its winds hit 74 mph, it became a hurricane. It only took 6 hours for Sandy became a hurricane from a tropical storm, leaving residents to worry about their safety with Tropical Storm Hermine. The underestimation of a storm’s strength is often when residents, especially along the coastline, are the most in danger.

Hurricane season officially ends on November 20th, which still gives the United States a lot to worry
about. Connecticut still has the chance to be affected by upcoming storms, damaging power lines, and knocking down trees over major roads. Storms like these pose a threat when trees fall on houses and major roadways, leaving residents left stranded until help can arrive. For upcoming disasters, Precision Cutting Services provides Emergency Tree Removal to ensure residents safety of the aftermath of any Tropical Storm. We give residents the peace of mind in case a storm happens, so they can enjoy further enjoy summer knowing we’re there at their side.

Outdoor Events for Back to School Students

Back to school can be a stressful event for any college student from figuring out classes and buying books to submitting within deadlines. Luckily, there are a lot of events for college students to partake in to feel more at home and make their college years a time to remember. Outdoor events are common for colleges to host. Some of the events may include celebrations welcoming first year college students, outdoor movie nights, initiations for school clubs and Greek Life, concerts, fundraisers, outdoor theatres, and so much more!

There are many events of all kinds for college students to enjoy. One of them includes volunteering to help the local community through community outreach programs, such as the Outreach program at Hamilton College. These not only network students with employees and non-profit organizations, but the help the students to get a sense of purpose, and encourage leadership and student involvement!

Some outdoor clubs that are available for most colleges include clubs sports like running, frisbee, volleyball and basketball. Local New Haven colleges, such as SCSU have a list of Club Sports here. There are many club sports for students to get involved in without feeling pressured for commitment. There are club sports for all levels - from clubs recreational in nature to clubs providing the chance for serious competition.

With fun outdoor college events in mind, there is always a chance for bad weather. Making sure that tree limbs are not loose, or trees are not dead is the first step to campus event safety. If you find that your trees are in need of cutting, contact Precision Cutting Services today for tree removal services. We want your outdoor college events to be safe and enjoyable from Freshman to Senior year!

Enjoying fall at the City Seed Market

Each Saturday week, New Haven hosts the City Seed Market in Wooster Square. This farmer’s market runs from 9 AM to 1PM and provides, fresh, local foods made here in the heart of New Haven. Come support our city while enjoying fresh produce and meats to pastries and French Crepes. We have something for everyone to enjoy, engaging the community with economic development while promoting healthy food.

The City Seed Market runs in Wooster Square from 9AM - 1PM until December 17th. Our other locations in New Haven include: Edgewood Park, Downtown and Fairhaven. Visit the City Seed website to find out the different days and times held for each location. When the winter months set in, these markets will close, and we will open the Winter Market from January - March.

For every outdoor event there is always the weather factor to take into account. For those rainy, windy days of the fall, there is a potential for the weather to affect trees. Loose limbs and dead trees need to be taken care of before the fall, and with the harsh weather coming soon - it is nothing to mess around with. Contact Precision Cutting Services for tree removal in CT, to make sure all of your outdoor events are safe and enjoyable!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Harvest Festival in Ansonia CT

On September 24th, the annual Harvest Festival will be held on Main Street in Ansonia. Enjoy crafts, music, food vendors and entertainment. Different harvest events will be going on including: pumpkin contests and decorating, the “Roaming Railroad” traveling down main street, ethnic foods, a scarecrow contest and much more! There are many activities for you and your family to cherish during this fall season.

From local performers and dancers to celebrating fall with pumpkins and gourds - this will be a day for for the whole family to enjoy. Fried foods and autumn dishes will be of abundance throughout the festival. Since it is the fall and it is the season to anticipate unusual weather, the event will be hosted rain or shine. In the event of a storm, it is likely for trees to be affected. Precision Cutting Services can help with with damaged tree removal, to continue have safe autumn family events!