Thursday, 21 September 2017

Tree Removal and Landscaping in Seymour

Trees are an essential part of your yard’s health. Your landscaping in Seymour needs to be kept up with annual tree trimmings and cuttings. If your trees are not inspected for their health, they can be a danger to your home soon enough. Perform your Seymour CT tree service property inspection with a certified arborist to prevent property damage and injury.

A tree with any structural defects may not always show from the outside. This can mean that many trees in your yard can be skipped over, and have internal hazardous defects. Trees should especially be inspected near areas of heavy traffic or near buildings. Some trees may have obvious signs of damage including: leaves that are not the right color or dead/falling branches. When a tree has green foliage, it does not always mean it is healthy. It can still have dead twigs, or have an unhealthy structure.

Another way to recognize tree imperfections is looking for things like tree hangers, decay, root issues, etc. Dead trees or branches cannot bend in the wind like living trees can, making them brittle and prone to breakage or falling. These are unpredictable, and you do not know when the branches will break or when the trees will fall. If a branch is hanging, it’s already dead and is called a “hanger.” These types of branches are dangerous. Look for cracks that go into the wood of the tree. This means the tree is already defected and can fall. If you see growths on the tree or cankers where bark used to be, this tells you that the branch in that area is weak and can break. Root problems are especially dangerous since they hold up the tree. If you see a tree leaning or poor tree form, it may have structural damage from the roots. Call a certified arborist right away to take care of your Seymour CT tree removal.

Do not wait too long to maintain your trees or unexpected and complicated problems can arise. Get your trees evaluated right away if the tree danger is near a building or road. If they look like they may cause injury, it is better to be safe than sorry and get the tree inspected. Contact Precision Cutting Services today to get your trees inspected and get your property back to great health.

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