Wednesday, 6 December 2017

How to Protect Trees in the Winter

It is important to keep up with tree care to ensure that your trees are healthy throughout each season. For the winter, trees need to be properly maintained to ensure a healthy life and prevent injury or tree death.

Taking Care of Older Trees

With older trees, they require different care from newly planted trees. The best time to prune your trees is during the winter, even though trees are in their inactive, dormant stage. Be sure to remove branches that are dead, and cut back any branches that are leaning over your home or are in close proximity. If during the Winter, you notice that your tree is leaning over due to ice formation, do not shake the tree branches. Make sure your tree is hydrated, fertilized and has proper mulch surrounding it before the cold Winter months. Even with adequate tree preparation, there is still a chance that pests, snow damage or salt with affect your trees health. In this case, you may need Guilford tree cutting if you are in the New Haven county area.

Preparing Newer Trees for the Bitter Winter Months

If you have planted any new trees within the past three years, then your tree needs the essential watering, fertilizer and mulch. They need regular watering for 3 years after being planted - enough watering to equal one inch of rainfall per week. New trees need enough mulch to get through the Winter season; about 3 to 6 inches. Proper mulch will help to trap moisture for the tree and keep out weed growth. Great mulch would include materials like bark or wood chips, but not anything containing plastic. Plastic will end up depriving oxygen from the roots of the tree, which will in turn end up suffocating. A young tree will benefit from using stakes to support its growth, especially during the Winter. With high winds and heavy snow, new trees need all of the support that they can get to prevent injury.

So, if you are still having tree issues even after taking the above precautions - it is important to seek a tree professional. For a reliable tree cutting service in the New Haven County area, Precision Cutting Services offers quality tree cutting services at an affordable price. We offer 24/7 emergency tree services in the area and we respond as soon as possible to any tree emergencies. Contact Precision Cutting Services today for a full-service tree cutting company at a great price!

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