Thursday, 19 January 2017

Outdoor Recreation Offered in Ansonia CT

The Naugatuck River
Ansonia, a town located in New Haven County, is located in the valley region of Connecticut. It is a very hilly region, with many trees surrounding the town. Trees are also a concern in neighboring town Shelton, where they often need Shelton tree removal.

Ansonia has many activities for their residents to do, including outdoor activities like The Naugatuck River. The Naugatuck River flows through Ansonia, CT, providing residents with water activities all year long. The river allows people to fish, swim, kayak, and canoe. A fun activity that residents along the
Naugatuck River do is fly fishing. When fishing, residents often catch Atlantic Salmon or Trout.

Another fun outdoor activity is spending time at the Indian Well State Park. The Indian Well State Park is on the border of Ansonia and Shelton. This park provides residents with an area to swim, hike or run. It also has natural rock caves, springs and waterfalls, where residents enjoy jumping in. This pet friendly park allows dogs on a leash to embark on journeys with their owner. A small beach at the end of the park is available for residents to relax and enjoy the sun. From friendly people to outdoor barbecues, what’s not to love about this park?

The Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center is a place for all ages to enjoy. This once family-owned dairy farm now  has 2 1/2 miles of trails. It also has 150 acres of grassland and wooded areas, along with ponds and streams. Recreational fields have also taken over a part of the land dedicated to football, soccer, basketball and softball fields.

The nature center is also opened to the public for animal viewing. The collection of animals that we have in the park are held here mainly due to them being unable to survive in the wilderness. Animals are on display so visitors can admire their beauty and understand their lifestyles.

Precision Cutting Services Performing
a stump removal.
Since Ansonia has so many outdoor activities for residents to enjoy, it is often a concern to tree specialists. When a severe storm with heavy winds or rain comes by, a tree's health can be compromised. Already weakened trees can lose branches or even fall near these parks, making it unsafe for family activities. To ensure the safety of your town’s residents, be sure to call for Ansonia Tree Removal. At Precision Cutting Services, we are there for you from minor tree services to major emergency tree removal.

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