Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Spring Has Arrived in Branford CT

One of the historic buildings preserved
along the water in Branford.
Branford, CT is now welcoming Spring: Flowers are blooming, weather is warming up and people are slowly spending more time outdoors. One of the activities to enjoy as the weather is warming up, is to spend time at Lake Saltonstall. This narrow Lake is just off of the Saltonstall mountain, and allows for great views, fishing, hiking and spending a day in nature.
Another popular area among locals is to visit Foote Park. With many sports fields – including a baseball, and 2 softball fields – there are many ways for kids to be active. There is also a large playground area, tennis courts, seating areas, a pavilion, restrooms, and many walking paths. There are many things to do here for people of all interests.
Branford Point is another area that people in the area love to frequent. It’s a quiet and secluded area, with a few restaurants to visit after seeing the beach. It is considered historic, with 158 buildings in the area contributing to its historic title. The architecture of many of the buildings are preserved from the Second World War and the mid-18th century. When walking down the roads to Branford Point, you can pass the railroad tracks and Branford Harbor, which give the area its vintage feel.
Precision Cutting Services knows there are many outdoor activities that people in the Branford area enjoy. If you happen to see dead branches of weak trees along the way, let us know. We would not want people to stop enjoying these great places in Branford due to tree hazards. Since many of these places are near the water, the winds are often higher, contributing to tree weakness. So give us a call today if you are looking for Commercial landscaping Branford CT, and see a tree that is presenting a hazard! 

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